We will continue to pursue the true wealth by creating new values with you.


Consulting Business

Business owners will be given advice on, , guidance on business planning, data managing,  replacement, staff evaluation, event planning support, marketing advice, meeting advice, recruitment, renewal/renovation support, etc… We can support while you start a new business!

Sales support

Plan 1 Professional Staff Dispatching
Plan 2 Periodic Visiting Support
Plan 3 Informing/ Advising Support

Spiritual Program / Sales Support

■Business target
■Daily Goals
■Team construction
■Human Resource Structure
■Management training

Grand Opening Support / Sales Support

■Business target
■Daily Goals
■Team construction
■Human Resource Structure
■Management training


Diagnosing the situation

No more failure on marketing
Knowing the vicinity better! Our Professional staff will help you.

STEP1 Area Investigation
We will do a research about your store location and the surrounding area.

STEP2 Market research
We can help you to understand your business market an target.

STEP3 Business Planning
We can help aid you in providing the best business plan based on our diagnosis.

Building the strongest team

■Making a team with a strong human resource organization
Creating a company, building a human resource organization, and providing necessary instruction manuals
※Complete planning for human resources, advice for business owners, strategy to hiring new graduates, strategy on mid-career recruitment, and interview conduction

Training the strongest fighters

We offer training programs for new workers, such as customer service, response to foul play or cheating, make-up. We also offer training programs for managers.
■Training Program Ver.1
■Training Program Ver.2