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CEO profile

Mitsuaki Kiriyama(Buffalo Kiriyama)
  • CEO/President/founder of Green Hills Japan, Inc.
  • Bloomberry Resorts Corporation Philippines Manila JAPAN DESK
He has enlisted a great process that rebuilt and develop leisure-related businesses, spas and restaurants more than 500 cases including Macau tower rebuilt project. His marketing strategy support is mainly focused on business division and function division respectively at middle-sized companies. On business division he advises on new products and new business, mixing promotions, investigation and business plans. On function division he provides managing supports for organization, development of job description, personnel evaluation system and training. He specializes in drastic reform for improving profitability. On the other hand, he is dealing with multilingual website creation and strategic multilingual design such as flyers, posters, name cards, digital signage and restaurant-menus, with efforts aimed at international tourism promotion in Japan. He is also engaged in developing marketing promotion at home and abroad as a Japan Desk member of Bloomberry Resorts & Hotels “Solaire” based in Manila, for increasing inbound tourists which is expected to be 20 million a year.