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Casino-related Business

Involvement in the Casino World

Solaire Resort & Casino CEO Mr.Arasi and Mr.Kiriyama

At present, casinos are positioned as an important tourism resource in numerous countries.
Japan remains the only G8 nation where casinos have not yet been legalized, but there has been a rapid shift in recent years toward establishing casino businesses.
As a member of the Japan Casino Academy and Casino Health Recuperation Academy Japan, president Mitsuaki Kiriyama has participated in conferences, contributed to Japan's only Casino-related magazine “Casino Japan,” and has been an advocator of legalized casino businesses in Japan. He is also constantly engaged in research on the potential effect the future establishment of casinos will have on pachinko and all amusement-related businesses in Japan.
Additionally, he endeavors to further the diffusion and awareness of casinos in the country by producing casino-related events. In recent years, Mitsuaki Kiriyama has acted as the Japanese sales representative of the Philippines' Solaire Resorts & Casino, actively working to increase brand awareness of Solaire and recommending various proposals to increase international tourism. He has assertively deepened relationships with management figures at casinos globally, gathered valuable information, and conducted seminars on how to export Japan's particularly high level of hospitality and develop business opportunities aimed at overseas casinos.