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Branding Support

Creation and sale of a multilingual website, multilingual promotion tools, store logo, inside-of-a-shop event POP, posters, flier layout, business cards, signboards, corporate guidance pamphlets, promotional videos, and image work and other sales promotions.


Multilingual website production・Multilingual promotion tool production

■Multilingual Website Production
We provide multilingual website production with high quality at a low price which makes increasing foreign tourists more attractive.

■Multilingual Promotion Tool Production
We provide multilingual promotion tool which attracts foreign tourists with the spirit of hospitality as much as possible.



■Creation of commercial films
We create commercial films that have the ability to pull on more customers, and clean up your corporate image.

■Creation of corporate brochure
Promotional films for recruitment, new employees, and corporate image.

Event support

■Coordination of entertainer
Hiroki Matsukata, Nanako Fujisaki, Egashira 2:50, Shiro Maggie, Dacho Club, Tokyo Shock Boys, Cozy Tomita, Antonio Inoki, etc…

■Coordination of booth girls
ZERO Girl, Green Hills attending girls

Creation of marketing tools

■Advertisement design
■Flyer/ Direct Mail
■Labarum/ flags/ store curtain
■T shirts

Training functions

■Training on Pin/ Neil fixing
■Training on numerical control
■Training on counter service
■Training on customer service
■Training for potential managers
■Two months training for new employees
■Training on counter service
■Employee’s basics
■Training on makeup